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The Yango Biennial is organized by Mutotu in collaboration with IFAA Global of the IFAA Platform, Thamgidi Foundationcollective K50 and Enda Mbele



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IFAA Global &  Yango Biennale Partnership :


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IFAA Global finances and co- organizes Yango Biennale in order to strengthen the Biennale’s vision.

This cooperation is realised with the intention of initiating a new form of biennale that not only serves as a crucial media of contemporary art practice and the generation of public discourse. It is also intended to be a platform that enables the development of a local cultural industry – while at the same time functioning as a space of encounter that strengthens cross-cultural collaborations.Our hope is that the new form of biennale will respond to Congo’s social, cultural and environmental realities.

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About Mutotu

Mutotu is a production company established in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Created in 2011 in Kinshasa by Kiripi Katembo Siku , it’s purpose is to promote the creation of artistic projects, particularly in the field of visual arts. Mutotu organized in Kinshasa, the cast of Canadian fiction movie « Rebel « Kim Nguyene and subsequently produced the documentary « Atalaku « of Dieudo Hamadi film, which won several international awards including Best Documentary film festival Cinema du Reel in Centre Pompidou (Paris).
Mutotuco-produced a photographic exhibition with the Festival d’Avignon (France), Bozar and KVS in (Brussels).




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IFAA Global    


IFAA Global is the international branch of IFAA Art Platform that strengthens and facilitates inter-disciplinary cooperation across cultures. The core business of IFAA Global is supporting the development of art platforms, biennales, Festivals, Design Platforms, Art initiatives, institutions, grassroots organizations, local and international networks that strive for or seek to develop fruitful collaborative projects, desire to transform their communities with the purpose of encouraging the building and sharing of knowledge, strengthening the arts, the development of cultural industries, connecting cultures and the Celebrating of a Culture of Cultures. At IFAA Global, we see the arts as a catalyst for change innovation and human advancement and thus welcome partnerships that enable this cause.
To know more about IFAA see:


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About Thamgidi Studio Foundation 


The Thamgidi Studio Foundation is a non for profit Private Foundation and artist-led organization supporting the arts in order to strengthen cross –cultural exchange.
The values supporting the creation of Thamgidi Foundation and its mission derive from a belief of the strength reciprocity of cultures has in developing successful exchange based on mutual respect.
Founded in 2005 by visual artist Sithabile Mlotshwa from Bulawayo Zimbabwe- the foundation’s core is to support and strengthen cross – cultural exchange and to facilitate knowledge transmission through: (Collecting and preserving contemporary art from Africa and the International Diaspora), (Providing artists with opportunities that enable further artistic development and sharing of artistic practices, through the Thamgidi AIR program), (Knowledge building), (Supporting the artistic development and visibility of artists & cultural operators working in the African continent and the International Diaspora), (Empowering and giving more visibility to Women artists), (Facilitating cross border artists exchange within the African continent and internationally) and (Giving Thamgidi Grants that enable cross-cultural exchange).

See also http://www.thamgidi.org/


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K50 is a collective made up of independent artists based in Kinshasa, each in a particular artistic industry: design, fine arts, interior design,photography.
It mainly develops artistic projects that highlight the art as an educational tool. Its members work in schools and museums on the themes of respect to heritage and the dissemination of culture among young people.






Enda Mbele is a cultural association that is legally established in 2006 under the initiative or miss Dada Kahindo Siku, actress, cultural operator. His vision: art for changing attitudes and community development. Sinceits existence, it records in its inventory of projects such as: «Danger of the future»: a theater and film project on the fight against the practice of sexual harassment in schools.
– Partner of the 5th édition of the festival CONNEXION KIN


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