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Yango biennale and IFAA would like to take this opportunity to thank all the partners for their support in helping us to make this biennale possible. We also want to thank the biennale team for their support and patience. Their hard work made it easy for the artists to realize their projects. Our special thanks goes to the artists whose support and commitment to the biennale made what started as an idea into a reality. We find their choice to come to Congo despite world wide panic about the Ebola virus, magnanimous. Without their commitment – there would have been no biennale.

We also would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all artists who were not able to attend due to last minute financial challenges faced by the biennale.
Their contibution, just as that of the artists who attended was vital for the critical reflection on the Congolese crisis, the biennale and in paving way for the Congolese people to Go Forward.

To quote the Kabul Museum in Afghanistan –
‘‘ A nation stays alive when its culture stays alive ’’.

Realizing Yango biennale is a vital step towards giving a voice to the people of Congo and most importantly in keeping the Congolese diverse cultures alive. Thank you for your help in making this possible.

Yango biennale team



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