Prize giving ceremony

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There are two kinds of prizes given to the artists. The first kind is a money grant provided by the European Union in order to support creativity amongst Congolese young talent. It consists of 2000 euro.

The second type of prize is an AIR Prize (Artists in Residency Prize). This Prize is a fully funded round trip prize that includes : Food, return airfare, production costs, administration costs prior to the arrival and during the stay of the artists, including visa and stipend.

The residency prizes have been given through a cooperation between Yango biennale and IFAA Global partners – the international branch of IFAA Art Platform. The residency prize is meant to support mobility of artists and facilitate cross cultural and inter-disciplinary exchange. We would like to thank the collaborating partners for making it possible to giv 16 residency prizes from various parts of the world.

A residency is an equavelent of maximum 5000 euros all costs included.

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1_Page_015_Image_0002 IFAA GLOBAL

1_Page_015_Image_0002  asbl Au fil de la terre co-producer IFAA Belgium

1_Page_015_Image_0002 Art et Pensée

1_Page_015_Image_0002 IFAA Afghanistan in partnership with
Afghanistan Embassy and mission in Brussels

1_Page_015_Image_0002 The school of design and innovation Tongji University China

1_Page_015_Image_0002 European Union

1_Page_015_Image_0002 Aimé Mpané residency centre -IFAA

1_Page_015_Image_0002 Artist in residency Marocco – IFAA

1_Page_015_Image_0002 Artist in residency Tunisia – IFAA

1_Page_015_Image_0002 Artist in residency Zimbabwe – IFAA

1_Page_015_Image_0002 CAMM : Musée d’Art Contemporain & Multimédia (DR Congo)-IFAA

1_Page_015_Image_0002 Michaelis School of Fine Arts – Cape Town University (SA) – IFAA

1_Page_015_Image_0002 Kin ArtStudio – IFAA

1_Page_015_Image_0002 Thamgidi Foundation


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