winners Yango Biennale

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Au fil de la terre – IFAA Belgium : Geraldine Tobe (DRC)

Special Prize European Union ( 2000 euros): Bouvy Enkobo (DRC)

Tongji University of China: Marcos lora Read (Dom.Rep.) `

IFAA in collaboration with Tongji University of China Prize: Bright U. Eke (Nigeria-USA)

Michaelis School of Fine Arts – Cape Town University (SA) Prize: Rob Voerman (Netherlands)

IFAA Prize for CAMM (DRC) : Khadim Ali (Afghanistan)

IFAA Prize for Aimé Mpané space (DRC) : Isaac Cordal (Belgium)

IFAA Prize- Marocco partnership: Keiko Sato (Japan/Netherlands) and Niosta Nyo (RDC)

IFAA Prize Netherland : Mega Mingiedi (DRC) and Eddy Kamuanga (DRC)

IFAA Prize Afghanistan – IFAA Afghanistan in partnership with Afghanistan Embassy and mission in
Brussels :
Freddy Tsimba (DRC), Nils Ramhoj (Sweden), Guy Wouete (Cameroon), Michele Magema (FRANCE/DRC)

IFAA Prize : Baptiste Desjardins (France)

IFAA Prize Zimbabwe : Junfeng Jeff Ding (China), Ivan Izquierdo (Spain)

IFAA : International Festival and Artists in Residency (Arnhem/Netherland) CAMM : Musée d’Art Contemporain & Multimédia (DR Congo)


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